Monday, December 12, 2011

A cracking bad time...

When people see my anniversary table the curved trestle legs attract the most questions and comments. Based on old Shaker design its slender form allows foot room for people sitting on the ends.

The first table I built of this design had a heavier set form made of a single piece of blackbutt. Other woodworkers often commented that it would be weak in the ankles. Pivoting forces applied across a relatively short piece of horizontal grain would cause fracture. (Btw. it never has.)

To correct this problem the new design is made of two pieces of timber angled such that the long grain is parallel to the ankles making the ankles much stronger. The two pieces are joined by a sliding dovetail and then two through tenons from the centre piece. (Details here.)

However, as you can see there are some cracks forming. The sliding dovetail edges are short grain and relatively thin. To fix this I'll pry it gently open and fill with epoxy. However, next time we'll need a better design. Ultimately bent laminations later shaped will replace this design.

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