Monday, July 11, 2011

Red Cedar and Blackbutt Burl?

I'm keen to explore the possibilities of working with timber 'burl'. Burls are the tumours of the tree world. They are knobbly, knotty, bumpy, irregular tree growth. The timber found in these burls is always complex and often beautiful. On the downside they are often difficult to work (due to alternating grain and denser than normal fibers), unstable due to unpredictable changes with humidity, and fragile. 

The above pieces are dressed ~50x250x550mm in size. I'm fairly confident to resaw each into three 10-15mm panels.
 (Though I should fill the sap lines and defects with epoxy before cutting into it.)
The original burl slab.

 I have enough cedar to then frame the panels to make a small table. But it's unusual combination, will it work?

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