Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lectern Project: Dovetailing disappointments and other progress...

Yesterday considerable progress was made. All the pieces rough cut and dressed (by machine.) The base was dovetailed (by hand), and the center column's mitre's planned (also by hand.)
Dovetailing set up. Good times.

To cut the dovetails I used a different technique to normal - using measured marks with an irregular edge compared with using dovetail markers on  a square edge. The tails worked well - happy enough. The pins - below average. It's a shame, it took time and nice timber, but I think it will have to be scrapped and started again.

The lectern base (overhang will be 5mm when cut to size.)
The lectern table top ~360mm x 640mm.

The two large boards were cut from a single piece. Ripped, machined, and re-glued.

The strength and aesthetics the center column is going to be formed by splined mitre joints. This center column (whom's joinery is hidden within the larger column) was formed by hand. The mitre rough cut to 45degrees by a no 4 1/2 jack plane (which was surprising accurate) and then smoothed with a no 7 jointer (which went a little far on the inside.) The groves cut with a small plow plane. No perfect but for a first time technique it proved it can be done. 

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  1. Thanks for the illustration in the previous post - I see how the lectern base will be constructed.

    Sorry for the dovetail problems. At least you are doing them by hand - a goal of mine. I have come up with some creative ways to join boards because I am intimidated by hand cut dovetails.


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