Monday, August 9, 2010

Dining Table Benches

Benches are a practical solution to dinning table seating. They allow for a flexible number of people and they introduce a communal atmosphere. (Not to mention they are easier and faster to make.) The 2008 build had benches without backs. The owner of the table told be it was the only thing he would change. Taking his advise I've decided on a design with backs. 

This should be quite a practical solution. These benches 2m x 30cm x 4cm will have three legs made of 40mm mrytle. The back will be fiddleback and position to support the lower back only (77cm tall in total.) The inspiration pictures have a support piece underneath. (I however have run out of timber... but what I am using is thicker...)

The Shaker's where a protestant sect which is most commonly remembered for thier distinctive furniture style. Fairly unknown in Australia, but shaker style furniture is one of the most popular styles in American hand made furniture. I've taken inspiration from their simple but practical design solutions.

These examples are taken from the Popular Woodworking Sketchup Warehouse.

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