Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breadboards: Part 4 - Putting it all together...

Dowel Design
The long tenons received elongated slots formed by drill, coping saw, and rasp. The outside tenons including the slot are waxed. With the dowels glued to the top and bottom of the breadboard the dowels can slide in the slot uninhibited.

The Glue Up
Only the dowels and the mid section receive glue. I used rachet straps to ensure everything was tight before starting. The center dowel also acts as a drawbored joint.

The Joint Explained: Exploded View
For that wanted to see the inside of the outside mortise/tenon joint here's your chance. The dowel was not aligned with the bottom hole, a few firm wacks with the hammer, and there you go, the inside of the joint. Notice how there's space to allow for wood expansion. The repair is not too obvious. 

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