Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Windmaster 250mm Clear Turbobeam

A quick shed upgrade - Windmaster 250mm Clear Turbobeam Whirlybird. The shed is an uninsulated metal box in a climate which can be rather warm (45.6c a month ago.) Inside temps could be 5-10 degrees hotter than the outside world. 

With the Whirlybird installed and ventilation improved the temp appears similar to the outside world and usually a little cooler. The clear plastic allows a significant amount of natural light. (Unfortunately there is some flickering with its rotation.)

(By the way, with the windows open and the 30' industrial fan, the shed is a very workable environment even on a hot day.)


  1. Hi Daniel,
    I too had a similar problem, with a very similar corrogated iron shed. however mine was brown coloursteel and got to over 50 degrees in the summer.

    I found an Aussie product called Silver cell. It looks like bubble wrap on steriods but with a silver surface both sides to reflect heat. Apparently used in Aussie similar to building paper, i.e. apply to frame of building then apply the cladding. That was not possible with what I had so I simply cut the stuff to size so that it fitted in between the suds and dwangs. i stuck it staright to the iron with construction adhesive. It worked a treat and the temp inside on our hotest day here 35 degrees was a balmay 22 degrees inside.

    I am based in Christchurch NZ and got the Silver Cell from an importeer that had gone out of business at about $200 for a 1200mm wide roll, 40m long. It worked out so much cheaper than using pink batts or polystrene for insulation. The silver on the inside is great as it reflects light very well and doesn't look out of place in a 'shed'. Do a Google search on Silver cell 2000.

    Best of luck, Mike

  2. Wow, a 30 foot industiral fan! What's the current draw on that beast?

    (Sorry, couldn't resist...) :)



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