Sunday, January 19, 2014

Preparing the Tree House Platform

Here on four saw horses sits the frame for the tree house platform.

The joinery is a series of rabbets cut on the tablesaw. (Which is really the first time I've had to break in the new saw. Worked well. Good power. Quiet.) There'll be two other beams across the narrow section. Then those four beams will sit on the main supports.

The boards are old hardwood planks the previous owner was using for shelving. Machined, they look rather nice. Looks like blackbutt. 


  1. That looks like 1x stock you have for the floors - I'd be a little concerned about strength if that's the case. If I were building it I'd definitely want 2x stock on the floors, but maybe it's a really strong species.

  2. The floor boards are only 10mm thick as that was the material I had. There will be 4 cross beams 25x200mm spaced at 450mm. I agree 10mm is too thin but with the frame underneath it should be ok to hold 2-4 children.


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