Thursday, February 17, 2011

Carbatec CT-2042 Back in Action

The main dust extractor for my shop is a 2HP Carbatec CT-2042. Over a month ago it sucked up a large piece of wood splitting the case and bending two impeller blades. Various fixes were proposed and discussed. This week I've been able to test it out, and so far so good.


In the end the fix is rather primitive. After opening the weld and re-closing the case I had several options to reseal it. Without access to welding equipment I attempted solder and blind rivets. I didn't have too much success. 

With the epoxy out for other projects I thought why not. (After all the auto industry uses epoxy based gels as fuel tank patches.) With the glue set a new paint job was applied to neaten things up. 

The impeller was even more crude, using a hammer, an eyeball, and a persuasive swinging motion, it moved back into place. I don't have a photo but I was able to get a reasonable angle (just slightly straigher than the others)

Carbatec are still looking for a replacement part.

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