Monday, June 28, 2010

Timber and Working with Wood Show : Part 3 - The Demonstrations

The third element to the show was the demonstrations and exhibitions. Here's a couple of highlights.

Terry Gordon - HNT Gordon Planes

Of most interest to me was Australian Quality Tools and Lie-Nielson Toolworks. How they approached their stands was very different. Nearly all day he was demonstrating with passion and was working up a sweat. It was great to see how a woodworker would actually use his tools in approaching different jobs (planing, moulding, joinery etc). The Lie-Nielson stand on the other hand had a wide variety of tools on display, and a single piece of wood if you wanted to pick one up and test a tool. A very different approach.

Stan Ceglinski - Billinudgel Woodworking Company

Stan Ceglinski is an entertaining Australian larrikin. At the show he referred the saw races, taught timber structure and design and demonstrated traditional green woodworking techniques. Using a maul and riving knife he formed shingles and bats. Check out his Official Website.

And many others...

There was many others on display, for a complete link click official list of demonstrations.

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