Monday, February 22, 2010

The Shelf

Other than a little sanding and finishing the shelf is complete. Made of 18mm blackbutt and inset into a rabbet through the long stretchers/rails.

The tongue and groove joinery was not fun. It would be an easy operation on tablesaw, or router table... Not so easy with a circ saw and a router (especially when the router fence decided to drift randomly.) Ideally, I would prefer to use rabbet planes for this, or fixed machinery failing that. We got there in the end, with tight joints, but I wouldn't do it again with my current toolset.

Also, note the gap in between the front stretchers... stay tuned for further info on the sliding leg vice.

Figures: 1650mmx520mm. 18mm thick. 110mm wide panels. 42mm inset. 15mm rabbet.

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